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Azure Communications Partners with Hitron Technologies

Marrying DOCSIS and WiMAX for Cable Operators

Los Gatos, CA, June 19, 2006 - Azure Communications Inc. (Azurecomm) today announced a technology partnership with Hitron Technologies Inc., in which Hitron will supply Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) expertise to enable Azure Communications to develop WiMAX remote base stations that allow cable operators to virtually extend their physical plant to offer broadband solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.

"With Hitron's help, we will be able to bring a true WiMAX cable extension to Multiple System Operator (MSO)," stated James Bertonis, founder and chief executive officer for Azure Communications. "Our product will overcome the performance limitations of previous wireless extensions that just retransmitted DOCSIS signals. Our technology will demodulate DOCSIS traffic in the base station and perform protocol conversions to deliver the benefits WiMAX promises, simply and cost-effectively."

"Marrying DOCSIS, the most widely used broadband standard, with WiMAX, an emerging standard with broad support creates opportunity and value for the market," commented Arif Ahsan, director of strategic marketing for Hitron. Because it allows cable operators to extend their reach, it increases competitiveness and helps ensure that cost-effective broadband solutions will become available to businesses that currently don't have access to them."

About Hitron

Established in 1986, Hitron has created its open brand and set footprints in the global markets. "Challenging the future and embracing the global market" has always been the direction that Hitron follows. Hitron believes that leading technology is an essential element for enterprises to advance into the future, and service excellency in the only way to win customers loyalty. Faced with future challenges, Hitron will spare no effort to develop innovative technology and provide excellent services to build Hitron into a successful global brand. For more information, visit www.hitrontech.com.

Azure Communications Emerges From Stealth Mode

Announces Wireless Strategy for Alternative Operators

Los Gatos, CA, June 19, 2006 - Azure Communications Inc. (Azurecomm) today emerged from stealth mode, announcing a strategy to deliver wireless broadband solutions for alternative network operators focused on underserved markets and for specialized applications. The products will offer performance beyond current Wi-Fi and WiMAX offerings, while maintaining compatibility with other Wi-Fi and WiMAX products that may be operating on an operator's network.

"Azure Communications will focus on a segment of the wireless broadband market that has not been fully recognized," stated James Bertonis, founder and chief executive officer of Azure Communications. "Most wireless broadband equipment providers target large carriers with the 'big iron' solutions they require. Yet, with the exception of some wide-scale municipal Wi-Fi mesh implementations, most of the activity in the market has been for small systems purchased by what Gartner has termed, 'alternative operators.'"

Azure Communications products will deliver an unmatched combination of performance, flexibility and total cost of ownership. They will support all established and emerging wireless broadband standards, including WiMAX, Mobile WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and DOCSIS; both license-free and licensed frequency bands; fixed, nomadic and mobile wireless applications. Early testing predicts high data rates which will be fully exploited by proprietary AzureMAX intelligent radio technology.

The first Azure Communications products are entering the trial stage, with beta installations planned for fall 2006, and general availability in early 2007.