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Wireless Cable Extension

AZ2400-WiFi Wireless CATV Extension

Leverage the latest wireless technology to extend the reach of existing DOCSIS services

AZ2400-WiFi allows CATV operators to offer commercial broadband IP data service to customers at unwired premises utilizing standard Wi-Fi CPE equipment.

Low-cost alternative

for delivering service to businesses looking for access to a high-speed network without a cable drop

Designed for ease and speed

of deployment, and takes advantage of existing and future 802.11 wireless technologies.

Perfect product for MSOs to enter the lucrative hotspot market

The radio can be configured as a DHCP server and provides several methods of security. Multiple SSIDs, MAC filtering and encryption can help secure the network.

Configuration Flexibility

The Azurecomm AZ2400-WiFi wireless cable extension offers flexible configuration options for adaptation to meet the needs and expectations of different environments.

A point-to-multipoint system

Azurecomm AZ2400-WiFi is an exceptionally efficient and affordable small business or corporate application.

A point-to-point system

Backhaul or bridging application, it is a powerful dedicated data link for enterprise environments of all kinds.


Security is critical when delivering service via wireless. The Azurecomm AZ2400-WiFi supports the principal access and security protocols on the DOCSIS network side (BPI+). The air interface provides WEP (40, 80, 152-bit), TKIP and AES encryption as well as Shared Key and 802.1X Authentication.

Ease of deployment and configuration

The Azurecomm AZ2400-WiFi is a self contained unit with internal DOCSIS cable modem, 10/100 Ethernet interface, wireless access point, high gain antenna, and 60-90 VAC CATV power supply housed in a integrated weatherproof enclosure. Operating power is supplied from the CATV plant through a power passing tap or through the Ethernet connection. Roughly the size and shape of an HFC node, the AZ2400-WiFi mounts on the strand with familiar CATV mounting hardware.

Pipe mounting hardware is also available for rooftop or tower installations. For applications where only Ethernet upstream access is required, the AZ2400-WiFi is available without the CATV power supply and DOCSIS modem.

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