James Bertonis, President and CEO

Mr. Bertonis is a wireless industry pioneer with nearly thirty years of technology and executive management experience. A long time Silicon Valley entrepreneur, James was the founder and CEO of Advanced Radio Cells Inc. (ARCi) in 1999, which rapidly became the industry leader in wireless DOCSIS broadband technology. ARCi merged with CoWave Networks in 2003 to form Arcwave Inc., the current industry leader in the wireless cable extension market, where Mr. Bertonis served as CTO and a member of the Board until departing in 2005.

James also served as CEO of ADBS Corp., specialists in RF/wireless communications, and was co-founder and CEO of Telecom Industries, a pioneer in the home satellite TV industry. He has performed wireless patent analyses, provided litigation support and testified as an expert in wireless technology. His writing has been published in international trade journals.

Mr. Bertonis has a BSEE from Syracuse University and an MBA (Finance) from Santa Clara University.











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