DOCSIS Cable Extension

Cable operators are seeking to expand their subscriber base by targeting the small and medium-sized business market. Where limited by the reach of their physical plant, cable operators are exploring wireless extensions. As DOCSIS is the most widely deployed standard for data delivery in the cable industry, the solutions they seek must interoperate with this protocol.

Azurecomm's DOCSIS Cable Extension product line is brought to MSOs by the product team that invented wireless DOCSIS and this product family is built on 8-years of wireless DOCSIS product innovation and leadership. With a history of thousands of Wireless Cable Extension products in the field, the Azurecomm team now has expanded the product portfolio extensively. MSOs can be assured that with Azurecomm's background, all products will have an unparalleled level of quality, reliability and overwhelmingly superior technical features.

Wireless Applications

Azurecomm's AZ2400 series of DOCSIS products provides a multitude of solutions for MSOs.

The AZ2400-WiFi serves three exciting markets: Wireless Plant Extension, Hot-Spots and Security Backhaul. Cable and DSL are not ubiquitous, so there is a compelling need to bring cable to businesses with Wireless Plant Extension. The AZ2400-WiFi is easy to install and connects directly to the DOCSIS plant. Then, using Wi-Fi, the AZ2400-WiFi connects to the enterprise building. This solution is ideal not only for a single building but is a perfect solution for a strip mall. MSOs have been very successful with strip malls by installing a switch and then wiring up multiple clients with a single wireless CPE. Azurecomm also offers commercial grade customer premise equipment (CPE).

Operators like AT&T and T-Mobile have long exploited the lucrative hot-spot market while cable companies have been locked from this vibrant market - until now. The AZ2400-WiFi is the perfect for MSOs to enter the hot-spot market. Mobile users can easily access the wireless network and the AZ2400-WiFi offers multiple levels of security to satisfy the needs of cable companies. Multiple/hidden SSIDs, MAC filtering, encryption and built-in firewall can easily be implemented to ensure a secure network.

As the nation becomes more security conscious, surveillance and closed circuit cameras are being deployed rapidly. Additionally, cities are modernizing their traffic systems. Traffic cameras can improve the traffic patterns and minimize red light violations. Often times, there is no backhaul at an intersection to transport the video information to the operations center. The AZ2400-WiFi can provide the perfect solution to connect an intersection via wireless to the operations center.

Wired Solutions - AZ2400-OCM

MSOs are now winning contracts for applications like traffic cameras that traditionally went to IP-type operators. As traffic cameras for all types of applications are being deployed, Azurecomm's AZ2400-OCM provides the perfect solution with a temperature-hardened, fully ruggedized outdoor cable modem. Enclosed in the same environmentally sealed housing as the AZ2400-WiFi, the Outdoor Cable Modem offers many options. The AZ2400-OCM is available with 60-90 VAC or DC inputs. There are up to two Ethernet ports available for external IP devices. DC output power up to 25 Watts is optionally available to power external devices. The product can be mounted with a cable strand mount, pipe mount, wall mount or a custom mount.

Target applications for the AZ2400-OCM are similar to those of the Wi-Fi product: traffic cameras, closed circuit tv and traffic light synchronization.

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