Broadband Wireless

While DSL and cable may remain the dominant fixed broadband access technologies worldwide, fixed and mobile wireless technologies represent a viable alternative for small and medium-sized businesses and consumers. In a recent report, Maravedis, a third party research and analysis firm focusing on broadband wireless technologies, stated that the wireless broadband equipment market is currently growing at a 30% annual rate. Most projections for the market exceed $2 billion by 2010.
Small and medium-sized businesses are a major area of opportunity for broadband wireless, with about four million such businesses in the United States currently beyond the reach of DSL and cable offerings; ten million worldwide. In addition, there are about six million rural households in North America and Western Europe that are currently beyond the reach of wired broadband technologies. These markets are served primarily by alternative network operators.

Broadband wireless is an ever-changing landscape

Azurecomm's software-defined, multi-protocol base stations are ready to address the changes in broadband wireless and standards.

Azurecomm views the domestic WiMAX market as being led by Clearwire and Digital Bridge for fixed and nomadic applications. Azurecomm is working with Digital Bridge and Digital Bridge has provided laudatory comments on Azurecomm's product and roadmap.

The remainder of the broadband wireless market is heavily dominated by Verizon and HSPDA/LTE. Azurecomm's product roadmap is similar to the figure below: regardless of who wins the protocol wars, Azurecomm has the optimum solution.

Meanwhile, the international market for broadband wireless is on fire - whether the standard is WiMAX or HSPA/LTE. For example, the government of Taiwan has invested over $1B in a program called M(Mobile)-Taiwan for WiMAX in Taipei. KDDI and others have already started trials in Japan. Azurecomm is already working with international carriers for mobile broadband and with the fixed/nomadic carriers domestically.

Whether the market is domestic or international, mobile or fixed, WiMAX or LTE, Azurecomm has the product and the product roadmap. Azurecomm's  software-defined, multi-protocol base stations are the perfect solution to follow the ever-changing landscape of broadband wireless.