Azurecomm Design Services

Azure Communications Inc. - Azurecomm - provides radio reference designs and subsystems to enterprises in need of specialized radio/RF design talent and laboratory facilities in a contract environment. Examples include RF reference designs for RF chip companies as well as complete RF subsystems for ODMs.

Azurecomm’s core competencies include:
• Powerful engineering team with radio savvy developed over the years creating product designs to top quality commercial and military/COTS performance specifications and field performance requirements, while extremely economical in BOM cost, manufacturability and testability.

• Portfolio of proven radio building blocks suitable for timely and economical customization to our clients’ needs.

• Resources of a full product company currently developing, manufacturing, and shipping other wireless and CATV products.

Azurecomm’s technology experience includes these technologies/standards:
• WiMAX • EV-DO • Wi-Fi • OBSAI • HSPA / LTE • DOCSIS and Wireless DOCSIS • UWB • DS and FH Spread Spectrum

Azurecomm’s technical team has years of experience in the design of various components of radio systems:

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